beauty tecH APP

first digital concept for beauty market

unique algorithm integrating popular genetics and personalized care products
what is our project about?
the application enables selling consumer-oriented genetic tests, cosmetics, ready-made nutrition sets and specialists' consultancy in one place.
popular world business areas in demand will be integrated and lead to purchase of products using genetics-based selection algorithm.

we call it "marketplace for biohaking"
Beauty Tech App
for the end customers:
  • to receive recommendations in terms of any genetic tests
  • to purchase personalized cosmetics, nutrition sets in one place
  • to have a wide variety of customized products
  • online education
Beauty Tech App
for our partners
  • additional sales channel
  • applying our genetic tests to increase sales of your products
  • professional online education
how it works
upload any DNA test into the our system
get short unified interpretation with recommendations
select and buy your personal products which is perfectly fit to your DNA
meet our leaders
the people work every day to provide the best service
Co-founder, CEO
Entrepreneur in the production, development and sales area in the field of cosmetology and parapharmaceuticals
Co-founder, CBDO
Designer of cosmetic formulas, creator of innovative formulas, speaker and expert in the cosmetic raw materials industry

We develop consumer-oriented genetics and produce own personalized cosmetics.

We have a lot of experience in the areas of sales, marketing, cosmetics formulation and production. We have been in the market for 2 year. At the moment we are in the Russian market only.

We are happy to announce the unique digital platform for beauty market and personalized products.

Your BeautyTech Team

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